NuevaHacks Speaker Series with Dan Kan, co-founder of Cruise Automation

Day 1 of NuevaHacks has officially started! We have over 340 students from 8 different countries around the world collaborating. This morning we hosted Dan Kan, the co-founder of Cruise Automation, in a fireside chat discussion about his journey to leading the world’s biggest and most advanced self-driving car company. I had an amazing time speaking with Dan.

Dan: My love for efficiency started when I started doing chores as a child. As a child, my mom used to say clean in a rectangular pattern as it is most efficient. Efficiency has shown up a lot in our culture at…

Below is a story of my experience participating in my first-ever hackathon.

This is me at my first hackathon!

My heart pounds as I walk into PayPal headquarters. I am nervous and tense as I see numerous adults talking with one another. One part of me wants to stay while another part wants to go back home. Not really sure what to expect, I am quickly prompted towards the registration booth where I need to write my name. Feeling shy, my dad quickly tells my name to the person who is registering me. After what seems like hours, I have registered for my first hackathon. I then…

Yash Narayan

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